Monday, September 24, 2012

من أقباط المهجر عن الفيلم المسىء

Hi Shamei:
It's very important to know that producing this film at this time by a Jewish producer who has an apartment in Cairo is a Jewish push to twist President Obama's arm during his election campaign and to show his failure in the Middle East, it's not his fault what American administration after another went to support blindly the Israeli state, this provocation by the Jews aiming also to hurt the innocent beloved Copts in Egypt whom the Israel want to get rid of the same way they did with the keldanis in Iraq, unfortunately simple people went to protest on front of the wrong embassy in Egypt... God bless Egypt with its people Copts and Muslims and God condemns the Israeli state with its hatred and destructive activity, our prayers to remove this cancer from the Middle East soon..

Sherif Saad. Ringoes . NJ. USA